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We are very well aware of the various needs of all kinds and diverse challenges that a company can stumble upon. That is exactly why we offer a broad range of services, that can each be adapted and modified according to your needs.


Our services are personalized, tailor-made and we always keep the values of your company at the heart of our business and approach.

1. Advices

Together, we analyze your strengths and weaknesses in order to define the best strategy to achieve your goals. While we will use our expertise, the values of your company will remain key in our approach.

  • Implementation of commercial strategies

  • Development of an action plan
  • Identification and implementation of government and/or regional subsidies
  • Enterprise architecture

  • Commercial and logistical assistance

  • Coaching

  • Analysis and presentation of new markets

  • ...

2. Sales

Thanks to our previous successful experiences, our flexibility and our adaptability, our multilingual team can temporary or permanently strengthen your sales activities on any relevant market. We can also assist or even expand your sales team.

  • Sales rep

  • Implementation of strategies for turnover growth

  • Prospection

  • Organization of professional meetings

  • Participation in trade fairs

  • Recruitment of commercial agents/sales reps

  • ...

3. Export

Thanks to 15 years of professional experience within the field of export, we have gained outstanding knowledge of different markets and of the opportunities they could offer. We have also built a wide and useful network in all industrial sectors.

  • Detecting international opportunities

  • Analysis of match between product and market

  • Invitation of local buyers, roadshows, BtoB meetings

  • Preparing trade fairs : logistics, negotiations with suppliers, …
  • Commercial and logistical assistance: orders, payments, samples, …

  • Prospection on export markets

  • Organization of explorative trips to discover new markets

  • Market's presentations

  • ...

4. Market research

Thanks to our local partners, our market knowledge and our access to multiple sources of information, we can provide you useful insights concerning the market(s) of your interest. Our personalized market studies will help you to choose the best approach for your aimed market(s).

  • Sector analysis

  • Juridical research

  • Research on product/ market evolution / consumption patterns /...

  • Store check
  • Competitor analysis

  • Translations (labels, brochures,...)

  • ...

5. Events

The organization of professional events has no secrets for us. Whether it’s choosing the right location, dealing with suppliers, managing the logistics or managing any other aspect: let us take care of it ! That way, you’ll be able to enjoy your own event with a clear mind.

  • Organizing BtoB meetings

  • Coordinating roadshows and trade missions

  • Logistics management (choosing a location, catering,...)

  • Negotiating with suppliers

  • Field trips and explorative trips to discover new markets

  • Professional events (press conference, product launch, …)

  • Complete gestion of your participation to trade fairs

  • ...

6. Communication

Something to tell about your products or services? Our team develops a media plan for you (social media, trade press, radio commercials, newsletters, …) We look at the best way to approach the target market and target groups. According to your budget, we select the most suited media channel for your project.

  • Creating your media plan

  • Printing

  • Adapting your communication strategy to the specified market

  • Mailings

  • Newsletters

  • Marketing plan

  • Social media

  • ...

02. Sales
03. Export
04. Market research
06. Communication
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